Considering Israel and Ukraine

Why does America treat them differently?

Ken Briggs
5 min readApr 17, 2024

This week, Iranian drones were launched as part of a military attack. This happened in two places: Israel and Ukraine. Iranian-manufactured Shahed drones were used by Iran to attack Israel in apparent retaliation for an Israeli attack on the Iranian embassy in Damascus last week. The same model of drone, supplied by Iran to the Russian military, have been used in swarms to attack Ukraine.

The drone attack by Iran was part of a tactic developed by the Russians in Ukraine to overwhelm missile defense systems with cheap, expendable drones to facilitate a successful missile attack. The Russians have been able to do this with impunity, but not the Iranians. A coalition of the U.S., U.K., and, interestingly, the Arab states of Jordan and Saudi Arabia intercepted both the drones and the missiles.

Why would Jordan and Saudi Arabia defend Israel from an attack? There are several, each deserving of their own essay, and they include:
1. They want to normalize ties with Israel.
2. Its part of a long-running regional power struggle between Sunni Arab and Shia states
3. A war with Iran and Israel prolongs the Israel-Palestine conflict



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